Welcome to AECED network for early childhood in India

The Association for Early Childhood Education & Development (AECED) is a nationally registered body, working for the interests of the young child, in India. The AECED has grown out of the Indian Association for Preschool Education, formed in 1964 to bring together professionals working with young children. In the light of the rapid socio-economic development and the changes in parental expectations, a new association, to encompass the goals of the IAPE and the contemporary situation, was conceptualized.

The AECED adopts a rights approach, and has broadened its mandate to include parents, all professionals working with young children, and other stakeholders.

AECED offers a broad spectrum of activities through the year to advocate the child’s right to education. Focus of these programmes will be to build and increase awareness of the young child’s developmental and educational needs as well as promote holistic development of each child in the country in the age group of 0-8 years.

AECED plans to bring out a newsletter and a journal to disseminate research and information on issues.

AECED will network with government and national bodies to emphasize ‘Education for all’.

Membership to the AECED is open for individuals and institutions.